McLain’s Bakery, MO

In this video, we visited the local bakery McLain’s and got a taste of what makes them truly unique. Founded in 1945, McLain’s has been a well-known name in [...]

Health Studio KC Kansas City, MO

Care designed around conversation.  Care designed with transparency. Care designed for convenience. Care designed for access. Care made easy. This is Health Studio KC. Lunchtime break has just ended [...]

J29 Creative Group Expands to Springfield, MO

January 13th, 2017 from J29 Creative Group Springfield, MO – Kansas City based Digital Marketing Agency, J29 Creative Group, announces that they are setting up a presence in the Springfield [...]

Silver Screen Salon in Kansas City, MO

Since the 1930’s, Hollywood has had a strong connection with Kansas City. When the movie industry needed more centralized distribution points to ship their features nationwide, Hollywood chose Kansas [...]

Golden & Pine in Kansas City, MO

Some people dream and some have visions, but some go further and create their reality by making their passions come to life and all their dreams come true. This [...]

Band Hack of Kansas City, MO

In today’s society, the new, independent music industry hack is to tour hard and tour often. Inspired by our struggles as traveling performers, we’ve developed a software that is [...]

Hudson / Hawk of Kansas City, MO

When was the last time you enjoyed a really good conversation while getting a trendy haircut? If you’re under 40, your answer may be “never.” The traditional American barbershop [...]

Waldo T-Shirts of Kansas City, MO

Where’s Waldo? We found him in Waldo. No, not really but, we did find Waldo’s T-shirts and the owner, Chris Trozzolo. Who is Chris? When we spent time hearing [...]

Corepower Yoga of Kansas City, MO

I noticed a women, through a well-lit window, gracefully moving around within a yoga studio. As I stopped to watch her, she squatted down gently, putting her palms on [...]

Life Adapted Fitness of Kansas City, MO

When en route down 63rd street, toward Brookside, it takes you past several of the new favorite hangout spots for foodies and naturalists. Unbakery, Heirloom Bakery and Hearth, and Golden [...]