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Westport EP07 Holiday Series

Whether you are a visitor or a Kansas City local, Westport is a charming place with many local spots that are worth stepping into, hanging up your [...]

Crowne Center EP06 Holiday Series

Holidays in Kansas City are packed with the hustle and bustle of visitors coming and going. This is when an influx of tourists come and partake. The [...]

Louie’s Wine Dive EP05 Holiday Series

They create fresh, local, seasonal twists on contemporary American cuisine complemented perfectly with a wine list of hand-selected varietals from around the world. Louie’s Wine Dive has [...]

ULAH EP04 Holiday Series

ULAH is a men’s apparel and lifestyle store that makes high style and good design more accessible and relevant to more parts of a man’s everyday life. [...]

City Girl Farms EP03 Holiday Series

At The City Girl Farm, we sculpt natural materials - fiber, wood and bronze - to bring delight and wonder into the world. Our sophisticated barn-yard 'Chicken Footstools' are [...]

Kamba Fit EP02 Holiday Series

Jacob Hilpertshauser, the social media manager of Kansas City’s Digital Marketing Agency, J29 Creative Group & Lacey Miller of TravelHost Kansas City recently made an appearance together [...]

Ambiance On The Water EP01 Holiday Series

When you think of Kansas City, you might think of the numerous fountains sprinkled throughout the city, our famous BBQ burnt ends, the Chiefs, and/or our Royals. [...]

McLain’s Bakery, MO

In this video, we visited the local bakery McLain’s and got a taste of what makes them truly unique. Founded in 1945, McLain’s has been a well-known name [...]

Health Studio KC Kansas City, MO

Care designed around conversation.  Care designed with transparency. Care designed for convenience. Care designed for access. Care made easy. This is Health Studio KC. Lunchtime break has just [...]