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We at J29 Creative truly believe in giving back. A long-standing tradition we keep is on the 29th of each month, each of the member of J29 would commit a small random act of kindness such as buying lunch for a homeless person, giving a cup of coffee to a street musician, or just simply making a person on the street smile with words of encouragement.

Project29 is an ‘upgrade’ of this tradition. Instead of small individual random acts of kindness, J29 will do what we do best, which is creative digital marketing, to help spread the word and raise awareness for cool, meaningful, and socially impactful projects. On the 29th of each month, J29 will introduce a new social project on our Hope website page and let you know how you can help.

Project29 is our way of focusing our energy, and channeling yours, into uplifting the less fortunate, creating sustainable social impact, and most importantly, to give hope to those who need it most.


We believe in a connected future for all—and that through digital literacy training and internet access, vulnerable populations in low-income communities will gain measurable improvements in Education, Employment, Economic Impact, and the Environment.

The Impact

  • Internet connectivity equals opportunity. It is an absolute necessity in order to fully participate as a productive citizen in a digital society.
  • Education is the number one thing that lifts people from poverty. In a digital society it is impossible to pursue a quality education without access to the Internet.
  • In-home Internet access is as essential as any modern utility; like phone service, electricity and running water.


Provide computer skills training, computers, and internet access to low income communities.



  • Books
  • Expansion of Academy
  • Assist in paying the teacher’s salaries
  • Purchase additional land for shelter
  • Food (sometimes the academy is the only meal these children receive)


Shining Stars Academy is a Christian school whose mission is to educate children from low income families and empower them to break and escape the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. Shining Stars Academy located in the heart of a small village in Kenya called Rafiki.

Due to civil unrest raging in the area, Rafiki has been crippled by unemployment for decades with almost 100% of the population earning little to no income at all. Consequently, parents, as badly as they want to, cannot afford to send their children to school so they can receive proper education.

Peter Badia, a native of Kenya, rose to the challenge and tackled this problem head on by founding the Shining Stars Academy. Peter and the teachers of Shining Stars Academy dedicate their lives to equipping the children of Rafiki with knowledge so one day, they can lift not only themselves but also the entire Rafiki community out of poverty.

In Swahili, the language that Kenyans speak, ‘Rafiki’ means ‘friends.’ Let’s be a rafiki to the children of Rafiki and lend them a much-needed helping hand! Please donate, share, or do whichever is within your power to help realize the dreams of the children of Rafiki!

By donating to Shining Stars Academy or sharing this post, you will help provide the children of Rafiki with food, books, school supplies, and shelter.